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The AHCA is connecting the professional cleaning industry for the first time in history, so that we can all stand united to raise awareness and respect for our trade & professionalize the industry at scale.

The AHCA provides you with the community, support network, tools, & education necessary to start, manage, & grow a successful award-winning residential cleaning company.

Imagine being able to create a business that not only is successful but garners respect from your entire local service area and beyond!

The AHCA leadership team are trailblazers in an industry that has never been recognized for its skill and necessity within civilization in the history of mankind. The AHCA has not only brought cleaners together, from around the world, in order to support one another in a community led with the leaders necessary to make this possible, but we provide the leaders of the cleaning industry with the knowledge and resources necessary to make their journey a successful one.

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  • Membership to the industry’s #1 Network of Professional Cleaning Providers (27k) in a private group on Facebook.
  • One AHCA Professional Cleaning Provider (PCP) online certification course with immediate certification.
  • Ability to join the AHCA Cleaning Leaders Leadership team and attended two weekly #Live discussions on camera with the Leadership team.
  • Enrollment into the AHCA Servant's Heart Charity free house cleaning program + Badge and Press Release.
  • Exclusive member discounts on equipment, supplies, cleaners, and business management software.
  • Telehealth and other benefits for your team.
  • AHCA Member Logo Badge
  • Free Business Listing and profile on the AHCA's Member Directory which is actively promoted to the public. 



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- Abide by the AHCA Code of Ethics and AHCA Community Rules.
- 12 month commitment when signing up.
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- No refunds.
- No soliciting.
- No MLMs.

We promise that if you are in the cleaning industry and you actively utilize all of the resources and products that the AHCA provides and points you to, you and your company will soar!!

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