AHCA’s Professional Cleaning Provider’s Course

27 Lessons and Demonstration Videos now available in the AHCA's New PCP Course!

  • The History of Cleaning (Includes Lesson Explanation Video) - How cleaning has developed over the centuries and its impact on the development of our society, a more in-depth understanding of how the stigmas still effect the the way the public still views cleaning today and the knowledge to combat these misperceptions that still currently surround the stigmas on the cleaning profession in whole new way.
  • Cleaning as Preventative Healthcare (Includes Lesson Explanation Video) - How cleaning impacts our overall health, lifestyle, and happiness. This section also addresses the both the negative and positive impact of cleaning indoor environments in both homes and businesses. 
  • Infectious Disease Prevention (Includes Lesson Explanation Video) - Basics of viral and bacterial microbiology, how to effectively and safely prevent the spread of disease when cleaning, with an overview of cross contamination prevention and a comparison of how sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization work in the world of professional cleaning.
  • Chemicals, Cleaning Agents, and Ph Levels (Includes Lesson Explanation Video) - How to most effectively and safely use common chemicals and cleaning agents, what Ph levels they are, and how their chemical make-up effects both the most common surfaces and organic and inorganic contaminates.
  • General Guidelines for Cleaning (Includes Lesson Explanation and Multiple in-depth Demonstration Videos) - Methods of cleaning smart to bring about the best results, with an overview of how to clean every room in the home down to the details but still allowing breathing space for you to clean how you see fit and how to most effectively use the most common cleaning supplies safely and effectively.
  • The Professional Cleaning Provider’s Course usually takes between 10-15 hours to complete  and can be done one lesson at a time



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“Thank you, thank you ,thank you. I been cleaning for some time now, and this course taught me some very effective cleaning methods and products that I will begin to use on my cleans. Again thank you for putting this together for us:)”

 ~ Marnita 

“This course is GREAT! Knowing how to verbalize all I learned is so important! Thank you The AHCA Can’t wait to have all my team certified!”

~ Denise 

“I love all the information in this lesson! This information is great for advertising and getting higher end clients”

~ Chris 

“Hands down to Grace and husband for putting this amazing, informative course together. It took me five times to passed the test but I was happy to go back and re-read the chapters until I learned it all by heart. Thank you very much, God bless you.”

~ Lucia 

AHCA’s Covid-19 & Infectious Disease Prevention Course

  • Microbiology of Infectious Disease and COVID-19 - Overview of relevant knowledge for cleaners of viruses, microbes, with a focus on Covid-19 and how it functions in the real world.
  • Infectious Disease Prevention - How to effectively and safely clean surfaces and objects to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Cross Contamination Prevention - Methods approved by the CDC for cleaning and preventing the spread of COVID-19, such as proper PPE and other safety practices when professionally cleaning homes, as well as the steps to take when going from one location to another in order to prevent transfer of viruses and germs.
  • Forms of Sanitization - A comparison of how sanitization, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization work and how to use these methods most safely and effectively in the real world of professional cleaning.
  • The COVID-19 & Infectious Disease Prevention Course usually take between 4-7 hours to complete and can be done one lesson at a time.
  • This course is offered in both English and Spanish.

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What set the AHCA's Courses Apart? 

Grace and Kevin Reynolds have revolutionized the cleaning industry through their exceptional work with the American House Cleaners Association (AHCA). One of their most significant contributions is the development of AHCA’s comprehensive training courses, which offer a simple yet in-depth understanding of cleaning as a science. These courses are meticulously designed to elevate the skills and knowledge of cleaning professionals, empowering them to excel in their craft.

The AHCA courses break down the complexities of cleaning into manageable and understandable concepts, making them accessible to all levels of experience. By treating cleaning as a science, the courses delve into the chemistry of cleaning agents, the biology of germs and allergens, and the physics of dirt removal. This scientific approach ensures that cleaning professionals not only know what to do but understand why certain techniques and products are effective.

Through the courses, cleaning professionals learn about the properties of different surfaces and materials, how to choose the appropriate cleaning methods and products for each situation, and the importance of proper sanitation and disinfection. This knowledge is crucial in ensuring that they can provide the highest quality of service, maintaining health and safety standards for their clients.

Moreover, Grace and Kevin’s emphasis on practical application ensures that the science of cleaning is not just theoretical but is translated into effective, everyday practices. The courses include hands-on training, real-world scenarios, and interactive modules that reinforce the learning process. This approach helps cleaning professionals to implement what they’ve learned immediately and with confidence.

The result is a cadre of highly skilled and knowledgeable cleaning professionals who can approach their work with a scientific mindset, leading to more efficient, effective, and consistent cleaning practices. The thorough understanding gained from AHCA’s courses enables these professionals to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks with expertise, ultimately enhancing their reputation and success in the industry.

Grace and Kevin Reynolds' dedication to providing top-tier education through AHCA has not only elevated the standards of the cleaning profession but has also empowered countless individuals to achieve excellence in their work. Their innovative courses have set a new benchmark in the industry, demonstrating that cleaning is indeed a science that, when mastered, can significantly improve the quality of life for clients and communities alike.