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The American House Cleaners Association is committed to raising respect and awareness for the necessity and skill of the trade of cleaning as a preventative healthcare. 

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One of "The most important Entrepreneurs of the past Decade"

Inc. Magazine, 2020

Founders of the AHCA are particular "about the products they recommend"

The Washington Post, 2019

"Has become the Beacon to whom the world's cleaners flock."

Inc. Magazine, 2019

What Our Mission Means To You, the Public.


Studies show that cleaning is a major source of stress in our society, even before the start of the pandemic. 

Why is there so much frustration and shame surrounding this important part of our lives?

That is the question. 

Our mission's ultimate goal is to transform the generational misperceptions surrounding this trade that negatively effects families, businesses,  professional cleaning providers & even the cleaning products many of us use in our homes and businesses.

Sanitation was voted by the British Medical Journal to be the "Greatest Medical Advancement in Modern History". 

This nomination couldn't be more accurate.

Our mission is to open the doors for all people to shed the shackles of shame surrounding this trade by equipping the world with an authentic and accurate understanding of the skill and necessity of this trade.


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Why Cleaning Providers Need to Join Us.


Studies have shown that Cleaning Company's #1 hurdle to success and growth is quality of service. 

Why is this such a challenge in our industry?

Because it's never been seen as skilled trade or as a necessity in our homes or businesses. 

Until this false belief changes within our own mindsets, teams and business structures first, the quality of cleaning companies will remain low.  

When the AHCA launched in 2019, cleaning was only seen as a luxury provided by "low cortile" individuals. 

We have made massive strides in changing this paradigm, but still a have a long way to go. 

The models of cleaning services and franchises have always been top heavy, focusing on structures that shine the light on the managers and owners, while crushing their actual cleaning providers with things like KPI's & micromanagement structures, treating them as just "extra hands" to do "unskilled" & "unimportant" work. 

We are shifting the paradigm with authentic and comprehensive education, inspiration and community.

We have certified thousands of cleaners across the country and have helped countless companies grow in new & healthier ways!

Join us in this revolution against the stigmas and ignorance that surrounds our industry.


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Servants Heart Charity Cleanings 


We understand that cleaning is a need, and social responsibility for all professional cleaning providers.

In the 1800's the understanding that germs spread disease became at the forefront of our society's development. 

Following this, life expectancy more than doubled even before the discoveries of advanced medical & surgical procedures, vaccines & antibiotics.

For this reason we understand that the professional services we provide are necessary for those who are physically and financially incapable of providing for themselves without our charity services. 


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