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    1. Access to Exclusive Community: Join a thriving community of over 32,000 professional cleaning providers in a private Facebook group, offering unparalleled networking opportunities, shared insights, and support.

    2. Professional Certification Course: Gain access to one AHCA Professional Cleaning Provider (PCP) online certification course, empowering you and your team with the inspiring impact of cleaning throughout history up until today. As well as foundational knowledge of the best methods and science behind cleaning.

    3. Team Packages at a Steal: Enjoy $200 Unlimited Team Packages for the lifetime of your membership, or opt for discounted courses tailored for your entire team's professional development.

    4. Essential Resources for Success: Equip your team with essential tools including a PCP Printable E-Textbook and Chemical pH Chart cards for on-the-go reference, as well as discounted packages for certifying your entire team.

    5. Leadership Opportunities: Seize the opportunity to join the AHCA Mission & Leadership Council and participate in virtual & in-person events & round tables, shaping the future of the industry.

    6. Charity Program Enrollment: Enroll in the AHCA Servant's Heart Charity cleaning program, receiving a badge and Press Release Template to showcase your commitment to giving back.

    7. Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy exclusive member discounts on a wide range of essential resources including insurance, bonds, payroll, equipment, supplies, cleaners, insurance, payroll, and business management software.

    8. Telehealth Benefits: Provide your team with $9.95/month Telehealth and other health benefits, offering unlimited visits with prescribing physicians for their peace of mind and well-being.

    9. Member Recognition: Display the AHCA Member Logo Badge proudly, signaling your commitment to excellence and professionalism in the cleaning industry.

    10. Increased Visibility: Benefit from a free business listing and profile on the AHCA's Member Directory, enhancing your visibility and credibility among potential clients.

    11. Professional Templates and Forms: Access multiple templates, forms, and files to professionalize your cleaning business, including an excellent residential and commercial professional service agreement.

    12. Exciting Events: Participate in offline events such as local, regional, and national get-togethers and summits, fostering connections and learning opportunities beyond the digital realm. Plus, enjoy MASSIVE discounts on AHCA national & regional events including, "The Gathering - The Cruise for Cleaning Entrepreneurs" to the Bahamas!

    13. Unlock the Chance to Shine: As a member, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to cast your vote and stand a chance to win a variety of prestigious awards for your cleaning company. By actively participating and contributing to accomplishing the mission of the AHCA, you not only showcase your dedication but also position yourself for industry recognition and accolades. Join us and seize the opportunity to shine brightly among your peers and local service area(s)!


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  • Terms of Agreement:

    - Abide by the AHCA Code of Ethics and AHCA Community Rules.
    - 12 month commitment when signing up.
    - No early terminations.
    - No refunds.
    - No soliciting.
    - No MLMs.

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  • Terms of Agreement:

    - Abide by the AHCA Code of Ethics and AHCA Community Rules.
    - 12 month commitment when signing up.
    - No early terminations.
    - No refunds.
    - No soliciting.
    - No MLMs.

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Storms Cleaning


"...finally, we found what we were looking for in AHCA with the association; we are thriving and learning more each day."

Jara's Home Cleaning and Lawn Care

"I love having the ability to collaborate with like mind individuals and share our support for one another. The courses in the AHCA are phenomenal & have helped me grow professionally...." 

Clean Planet Cleaning

"They have really helped me grow and develop a better mind set to lead my team. We are all certified through the AHCA and I am grateful for their training and help!!"

 Linda's Cleaning Services

"It's such a valuable platform, both for leaders who are wanting to grow their business, and for raising the standards thru cleaning certification programs."

Together we are Stronger.. 

The AHCA provides you with the community, support network, tools, & education needed to help your business thrive.

Imagine being able to create a business that not only is successful but garners respect from your entire local service area and beyond!

The AHCA leadership team are trailblazers in an industry that has never been recognized for its skill and necessity in the history of mankind.

The AHCA has brought tens of thousands of cleaners together, in order to support one another in a community led with the education and leadership necessary to foster a synergistic atmosphere so that we can all continue to better our services, team and companies.

Knowledge is Key.

These online certifications offered by the AHCA are designed not only to give you foundational knowledge and understanding about how to professionally clean safely, efficiently, and effectively...

The courses provide a whole new perspective of our industry by providing a deeper understanding of the vital importance and skill of cleaning professionally.

The PCP course will ignite a new passion for the professional cleaning services you provide, which is key to propelling you and your teams certainty about the preventative healthcare skilled trade that you offer in your community.

Charity Cleanings

As leaders in our industry, AHCA Professional Cleaning Providers understand that giving back to those in need of our services, yet can not afford them, is vital to the growth & health of our communities and teams.

AHCA encourages all cleaning companies to make this one of the first things you do as you build your business, because it not only builds trust with your local community but it instills a deeper & more meaningful love for the trade of professional cleaning, & a greater understanding for the necessity & skill of our industry.