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Charity Cleanings for Those in Need

Because Proper Cleaning has never been a luxury, it has always been a fundamental necessity to the Health and Well-Being of our Society.

What is the AHCA Servant’s Heart Program?

This Program was created to recognize Cleaning Provider’s across the country & the world who are dedicated to providing free & low cost cleaning services to those who are in need, & to help connect professional cleaning providers with those clients who can not afford to hire professional services.

There are so many circumstances that can lead to a home becoming neglected, from mental health, chronic illness, to dual working families with low income and little time, and so much more. 

AHCA Professional Cleaning Providers understand that proper cleaning is vital to the well-being of every family & person, & are happy to help those who do not have the resources to accomplish this in their homes! 

We believe that professional cleaning companies know best who is the most need for charity services and how often they can provide services. Unlike many other cleaning charity programs, Servant’s has no limitations on who to serve or how often.

Are you a Part of the Servant’s Heart Program Yet?

As leaders in our industry, AHCA Professional Cleaning Providers understand that giving back to those in need of our services, yet can not afford them, is vital to the growth & health of our communities and teams.

AHCA encourages all cleaning companies to make this one of the first things you do as you build your business. Providing charity cleanings not only builds trust with your local community but also it instills a deeper & more meaningful reverence for the trade of professional cleaning, & a greater understanding for the necessity & skill of this trade.

In Honor of all AHCA Servant’s Heart Partners, the AHCA will be selecting official AHCA companies from around the country to run outreach campaigns provided at no cost by the AHCA to promote their company’s services and charity accomplishments and/or offers. 


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Let us know your know your location and a little bit about your story and we will do our best to find an AHCA provider in your area to connect with you. 

If we find an AHCA provider who can serve you, we will contact you by email.

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