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~ Inc. Magazine 2020

Photo of Founders Kevin and Grace Reynolds

by Grant Hindsley 

Causing the Paradigm Shift


The founders of the American House Cleaners Association (AHCA), Kevin and Grace Reynolds, are multi-award winning and nationally recognized cleaning business owners.

After years of seeing misperceptions & stigmas such as racism, classism, sexism, and a complete false paradigm regarding this trade's level of skill and necessary contribution to society, even among the generational leaders within the industry, they decided to make it their life's mission to cause the greatest paradigm shift the world has ever seen in this industry's history. 

They have committed their lives to uplifting the trade of cleaning in all ways, through their own company HANDMAID® and by helping all other privately owned cleaning businesses across the country and the world with the education and community of the AHCA. 

They are accomplishing this mission from within. By inspiring and educating thousands of cleaning providers, and company owners across the country and the world. 

"Thank you for your passion. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to find guidance and community in being respected as a business owner in this industry." ~ Rhonda

"Grateful to you for starting such a beautiful association, because it supports us.." ~ Elizabeth 

“Thank you! I learned so much from your training, and I feel more confident to be able to do the job well.” ~ Jessica

“...ending the negative stigma around the profession, linking the health and mental health needs, as well as great resources!" ~ Brittany

Synergistic Community


The mission of the AHCA within the industry is centered on the principle of contributing to a healthier and happier society. 

The AHCA realizes that it is our social responsibility to continue to bring together cleaning professionals in a synergistic environment where we can collaborate and learn from one another on how to serve the world in more effective and healthy ways.

The AHCA encourages all cleaning companies to lead their teams the same way, always seeking the best, healthiest and most effective ways to serve our community's families and businesses. 

AHCA Leaders understand that the most powerful and lasting way to transform the public's view of cleaning as a profession is by first transforming how those within the industry see what they do, starting with our own businesses & teams. 

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Healthy Cleaning Products


The AHCA promotes and encourages all of their members to use more natural and gentle products to produce the most effective and healthy results. 

The AHCA is dedicated to ongoing research, testing and innovation to find the healthiest and most powerful ways to clean with results that are lasting, decreasing the returning growth of harmful microbes.

Unlike traditional chemicals, such as disinfectants that actually cause harmful microbials to grow back stronger, and which are all categorized as pesticides, by the EPA.

The AHCA encourages all of their members to see their position as cleaning service providers as a social responsibility to put first, not only their clients, but their teams as well, when choosing what products and methods they use. 

Photo by Grant Hindsley  for Inc. Magazine. 

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Project Servants Heart 

As leaders of the industry, Kevin and Grace Reynolds are dedicated to inspiring all cleaning professionals to provide free or discounted services to those who can not afford professional help, at least a few times a year.

Cleaning is not just a luxury for any household.

Proper and thorough cleaning of living environments can literally save lives.

Such as children suffering from asthma, yet both parents work and simply don't have the money, time or skills to clean thoroughly enough to improve their home's indoor air quality, which can often be detrimental for those with asthma.

Why should those less fortunate be left behind? 

What professional cleaning provides is so much more than a luxury, it is a necessity for most people.

And by providing professional services as a charity, it not only helps save the lives of those in true need, but it raises awareness for the need and skill of this vital trade.

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Kevin & Grace Reynolds are now living in Northeast Texas, with their nine children on a small farm, while still actively growing the mission and movement of the AHCA. Grace and Kevin were chosen for the 2020 FB Global Marketing Solutions Summit Keynote delivered by FB VP of SMB, Rich Rao. Watch the keynote production and learn more about their story here!