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~ Leigh Buchanan
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Our Story and the Founding of the AHCA

In March 2020, Facebook VP of SMB, Rich Rao and a production team flew out to Walla Walla, WA to the hometown of AHCA Founders, Grace & Kevin Reynolds, to capture our national movement & the AHCA story for the keynote presentation at the 2020 Facebook Global Marketing Solutions Summit.

Watch the story of the founding of the American House Cleaners Association community just below.

What is the AHCA?

The American House Cleaners Association is a member-based community on a mission dedicated to raising the respect, recognition, and awareness for the profession of cleaning as a skilled trade. For the first time in history, there is an organized movement for the cleaners that is effectively changing the way society views the cleaning industry.

Throughout history cleaning has never been seen as the necessary or skilled work that it is, but as only a menial labor, which requires little effort to do properly.

Our mission is to change this misperception, and ignite a complete paradigm shift in our society by educating and opening the eyes of all people around the world to understand and finally have respect for the skilled and necessary role of cleaning as a professional trade, a respect that professional cleaning has always deserved.

About the Founders

Grace and Kevin Reynolds, are a husband and wife team with a family of nine children and the founders of the award winning and nationally recognized industry brand, Handmaid® Cleaning. They have been named marketing experts by Facebook and have received the title and privilege of being life-time members of the nationally accredited Facebook SMB Council. Since being brought into the council in 2017, they have been invited to Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, and in Austin Texas, where they have been hosted multiple times as speakers and expert panelists.

Grace & Kevin have a relentless passion about the success of the mission of the AHCA, their members, and for homeowners across the country to experience true professional cleaning services.

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