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With Grace Reynolds
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Hey there!

I'm Grace Reynolds and cleaning has always been and always will be a passion of mine.

After building, owning and running a cleaning service for over ten years, I understand more clearly the challenges people face when it comes to cleaning.

In our experience in this field, most people do not enjoy cleaning or least feel very overwhelmed by the task. 

So if you hate cleaning, don’t worry you are certainly not alone. 

This begs the question, though.. Why? 

Could it be that the majority of people associate “cleaning” with picking up garbage, organizing clothes and toys, and making things look “straightened up” - or hide everything under the bed or in the closet? Or at best, a quick vacuum and mopping of floors, and simple spray and wipe down of surfaces?

When real and proper cleaning actually takes much more skill, knowledge and effort than this? 

Maybe the reason cleaning feels so much like a burden and something we would rather avoid, is because it actually DOES take a lot more mental effort than we we’ve always been taught to think. 

Most of us can't possibly allocate the mental and physical energy to get this critical task done properly, with our crazy schedules and lives. 

This is why many people turn to professional cleaning providers to do this work for them.

Again, don’t worry you aren’t alone, or  if you just want an experienced professional to do it for you! 

Cleaning is a skilled work, that even years worth of courses and book study could not build, it takes doing it and learning the skill through experience.

There is often so much shame surrounding environmental hygiene and cleanliness. We believe that this shame can be lifted though a better and more accurate understanding of this work.

So if you aren’t fan of cleaning, or you easily feel overwhelmed by it, know that this cleaning course is especially for you, to change the way that you think about cleaning and yourself by giving you the foundation to take the weight off your shoulders and give you the tools to face this necessary work in your home with a more educated and innovative approach and understanding, even if you decide to hire a professional cleaning provider.

My husband and I have nine children, and own an award winning nationally recognized cleaning company, HANDMAID®, and are the founders of the American House Cleaners Association.

The AHCA is a nationwide movement & has a community of over 27,200 cleaning providers, among whom are AHCA members, some of the best professional cleaning providers in the country.

The AHCA has now certified thousands of cleaning providers around the country and the world, and with educational courses, continues to spread awareness for the skill and necessity of this trade within the industry

In order to further spread our mission, this course offered to the public for anyone to take! 


We hear from people almost everyday that their lives have been changed after taking this course.

I look forward to hearing how this course has helped you!

Grace Reynolds

AHCA President


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Learn to Love ❤️ Cleaning

This course will change your life.

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