As a Member of the American House Cleaner's Association, I Pledge....

1) To Nurture:

All my applicable business practices will be with intention to provide the ongoing betterment of the cleaning service industry as a whole through genuine intent to nurture an improved understanding and function of this trade as a whole.

2) To Increase Awareness:

All my applicable business encounters and communications with the public, whether in-person, digitally, or print, or any other way communicating to the consumers for purposes of marketing or advertising, I will take the opportunity to promote in some fashion the aspects of this trade that make it a skillful, a necessary trade and/or some way providing a more informed and respectful way of understanding this of this trade as a whole.

3) To Educate:

All my applicable business practices will incorporate an ongoing effort to effectively improve and provide the most informed ways to function as provider in this industry to the best of my knowledge, in the capacity of acquiring and implementing cleaning methods, business practices, structures and systems that consistently supporting the ongoing professionalism, ease of service and physical/mental health of both the cleaner(s) I lead and the clients I (we) serve.

4) Acknowledge the Need:

Inspire and Know - This trade is a gift, and is vital to the health of our society- when serving (creating systems, training, or doing the actual work) treating it as the necessary and vital civil service that it is.

5) Supporting, Connecting and Community:

All professional connections (whether in-person or virtually) for the ultimate purpose and intent to inspire, and treating all as a equals and giving of our time and effort to help others understand how important this trade is, while sharing the knowledge they have with intent to help others, not withholding information for reasons of only self-interest.