What's Stopping Your Cleaning Company From Growing?

Season #2

To grow a successful cleaning company you need to develop an Inward/Out mindset!

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Whether you're researching how to start a cleaning service or you've successfully started a professional cleaning business and you're wanting to grow your cleaning company to the next level, everything in the cleaning industry has changed over the last few years - for the better!

See, since the beginning of time, there has always been a stigma on cleaning and professional cleaners.

That's why so many people baulk at your cleaning rates, why you can barely afford to meet payroll & pay yourself, and why you're wondering if you can even make it in this industry.

That's why the American House Cleaners Association was founded and why our mission and community is revolutionizing and transforming the professional cleaning industry now nationwide!

The old way of building and operating a cleaning service is out.

Did you know that proper cleaning & sanitization has been deemed as the greatest medical advancement in human history by hundreds of physicians and scientists?

Cleaning is preventative healthcare.

The American House Cleaners Association is the tip of the spear in the professional residential cleaning industry.

To date, over 9,500 cleaners have gone through one of the AHCA's online courses and AHCA has certified over 4,500 cleaners nationwide!

If your goal is to grow a successful cleaning company and your WHY is big enough - the American House Cleaners Association, our community, Professional Cleaning Provider (PCP) online certification course, and our leaders team and coaching has all the tools you need to build an amazing cleaning team and become successful as a leader and in cleaning industry!

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