House Cleaning Business Hurdles & Growth

Our guest today, Rosie Young, is a member of the American House Cleaners Association and the owner of Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services out of the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Rosie joined Kevin and Grace Reynolds, founders of the American House Cleaners Association to discuss her journey into the professional cleaning industry, the systems she uses to operate her business, thoughts on the industry, and tips for anyone thinking about starting their own cleaning business.

Rosie's journey hasn't always been easy, and she has faced many challenges along the way, including complaints and people slamming doors on her face.

Despite this, she has persevered and continues to grow a successful cleaning business!

I believe this episode will be valuable to anyone interested in the cleaning industry, and I highly recommend you listen to it.

At the very end of today's show, Rosie shares what she believes to be the biggest lesson and most important advice that she gives to people starting or growing their professional cleaning business!

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