Fogging for COVID-19?

Sep 28, 2020

💭 Time to Chime in here...

Lately, many cleaning companies have been investing in “foggers” to spray/mist disinfectants. I want to say this....

Disinfecting ALWAYS comes after proper cleaning and sanitizing. It’s common sense.

Also, disinfecting “fogging” is much different than thermofogging.

Many of us likely clean post fire/smoke jobs where the restoration company will “thermo fog” a process that appears similar to “fogging” disinfectant - and we come in after the thermofog and clean/sanitize.

This process neutralizes soot/smoke particles that needs to be done prior to cleaning.

Spraying or “fogging” disinfectant though is a different animal.

We all know that we need to clean and sanitize before disinfecting. The CDC and common sense tells us so.

1) Clean/Remove debris- dust, dander, anything that can hold/trap virus or “smoke” or anything hazardous to us to breathe in.

2) sanitize.

3) disinfect (if needed)

Imagine this- you come in and “fog” disinfectant all over everything. Let’s say there’s a snake in the room. You kill it with the disinfectant- But theres still a dead snake in the room.

Please don’t go into any facility (let alone residence) and “fog” without cleaning and sanitizing first.

Also- in my opinion- we should not be “fogging” homes at all. Recent studies show there is no evidence that fogging disinfectant in homes is helpful.

Fogging homes actually can be harmful to people/animals and damage many surfaces such as stainless steel.

Cleaning and sanitizing is the key here. If we want to help people, if we want to keep our communities safe, if we want to employ folks and be leaders in our communities- it’s our job to educate and share with our local communities the importance of cleaning.

Fogging can be helpful - only after we clean and sanitize.

Hey, the CDC and studies say that this virus has a very week outer shell that’s easily killed by warm/hot water and soap.

In fact- we don’t dip our hands and bodies into bleach or any other “hospital grade” disinfectant to kill c-19 on our hands. In fact, it’s known that hot water for 20 seconds and regular soap kills the virus on our hands and bodies.

Why are we fogging everything when hot water and soap kills the virus on our hands and bodies?

Cleaning is essential. It always has been and always will be.

Don’t buy into the fogging fad right now just to make money. It’s not the answer. It won’t help people if not understood and done right.

There’s no way around cleaning folks. It’s essential. It’s a must do.

We cannot just go around and spray everything with chemical- it won’t help.

Please be careful with “fogging” disinfectant over everything without first understanding when it’s necessary and when it’s possibly harmful, knowing fully the difference between cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection.

BTW: the Ryobi fogger $99 is rated for outdoor use only for pesticide spraying. I know we’ve seen them on the news spraying busses - but be careful using them indoors for disinfectant sprays. Just saying. You cannot control droplet size and you’re spraying around electronics. Careful.


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