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Raising Respect and Awareness for the Professional Trade of Cleaning for the first time in History. 

Our Mission

The mission of the American House Cleaners Association is to professionalize the cleaning industry nationwide for the first time in history. We are bringing together cleaners & cleaning companies from across the country and connecting daily in our private community. In this way, we are able to support one another in an effort to produce the most efficient and effective cleaning services our society has ever seen.

We are the first and only mission based, purpose-driven community the professional cleaning industry has ever known.

United, we are conquering the stigmas on cleaning.

The stigma on house cleaning is our society’s ignorance at work. It is a stigma that runs deep in all of us, from the beginning of time. We can trace its roots back generations – from our grandmothers work in the home, to Irish indentured servants and African slaves, to ancient times before the stories of servants could even be recorded and recognized throughout history until today. What’s worse is that it’s still thriving despite our modern times of democracy and recognition of civil rights.

This is a stigma of double standards, which labels house cleaners’ work as “unskilled” and “unimportant”, while demanding superior results that are only possible with refined skills, education, and integrity. We are battling and conquering a stigma that demeans the very person, by attaching itself through the status of their livelihoods.

AHCA members and cleaning companies serving in your local community are missionaries and leaders in our movement that is transforming the world’s understanding of our profession and helping crush the stigmas surrounding the work of this trade.

Thank you for supporting our mission by hiring an AHCA cleaning company in your area. 

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Adopting pride in the work, skill, & necessity of this trade is key to providing quality services & establishing professionalism in the cleaning industry. 

AHCA professional cleaning courses are designed to not only educate our members about the best and most effective practices in cleaning, but also to instill a deeper sense of pride in the skill & necessity of the vital work they preform everyday as professional cleaning service providers.

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The mission of the AHCA is to raise respect, awareness, & recognition for professional house cleaners - while transforming & professionalizing the cleaning industry for the first time - nationwide.

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