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Our Mission

The mission of the American House Cleaners Association is to raise awareness & respect for professional cleaning as a trade through education, inspiration, fellowship, & addressing the stigmas that continue to have strong root in our society, even today.

For the first time in industry history, we have connected tens of thousands of cleaners & cleaning company owners, from across the country & around the world to collaborate, support & hold one another accountable on daily basis.

Our goal is to grow as service providers everyday as our industry makes new strides to provide better quality & healthier services for people across the nation & the world.

You can learn more about cleaning & the skill of this trade right here on our website, by taking the Learn to Love Cleaning Course and spread the word about our mission & resources.  

To find a Servant's Heart Charity cleaning provider or a Cleaning Leader in your area go to our online interactive directory where you can locate, connect, & schedule appointments & cleanings HERE.

AHCA cleaning providers & companies are building the best professional cleaning companies on the planet & becoming Leaders in our industry.

Join our national movement & award winning professional community today.

Membership Benefits

AHCA's Servant's Heart Program

Charity Cleanings for those in Need

All official AHCA member's are provided the opportunity to participate in the Servant's Heart program, which not only helps those in need of their services in their local communities, but builds trust in and greater respect for the trade of cleaning as a whole. 

The AHCA has always taught that giving back to the community in this way is a full-circle experience for the growth and overall health of every business in our industry.

If you or someone you know is need of charity cleaning services or if you are interested in finding out more about this program, follow the button below. 

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Adopting pride in the work, skill, & necessity of this trade is key to providing quality services & establishing professionalism in the cleaning industry. 

AHCA professional cleaning courses are designed to not only educate our members about the best & most effective practices in cleaning, but also to instill a deeper sense of pride in the skill & necessity of the vital work they preform everyday as professional cleaning service providers. The AHCA Professional Cleaning Provider (PCP) online certification course will change the way you think about this trade forever no matter how long you've served in this industry. One PCP online certification course is included in AHCA membership for a limited time.

Learn More about the AHCA's Certification Courses

Learn to Love ❤️ Cleaning

An affordable online course designed to educate & raise awareness & respect for the necessity & skill of cleaning.
This course will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to properly and most effectively clean your home.
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