Learn, Grow & Thrive Together.

Our trade has been marginalized and under recognized for generations. The most powerful way that we can continue influencing the paradigm shift is through learning, growing, and supporting one another.

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Focusing on the 80% 

Growing and thriving as a cleaning company owner is entirely dependent on growing YOURSELF first. 

Science proves that success in life is 80% psychological & ONLY 20% logistics. 

These weekly meetings are a time to learn from one another and help each other see new insights in how we can become better leaders and more successful in every area of our lives.

By reading, reflecting, discussing and learning from well known authors & their books that have helped entrepreneurs and revolutionaries succeed, thrive and make this world a better place throughout history, we empower ourselves and each other more and more with every month that passes. 

When you join the AHCA, these meetings are available to you at no extra cost. 

Success Club Meetings are every Thursday at 9pm EST and hosted in the private group on the AHCA website, which can be found in your AHCA member resources. 

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Creating the Paradigm Shift through Inspiration, Support and Community









AHCA Success Club Goals

1. Growth Inwardly - Personal Leadership, looking inward and recognizing our own false paradigms, strengths, weaknesses and ways that we can improve personally.
2. Growth as Industry Revolutionaries - communicating and applying the most effective ways to influence the world around us in the mission of the AHCA, promoting a greater awareness and reverence for the trade of cleaning.
3. Growth as Leaders - building effective, and empathic leadership for our companies, learning how to most effectively lead our team members to find purpose and importance in the work they do for our local communities.
4. Growth As Business Owners - building our business’s systems and policies on a solid foundation of principles and values that will nurture the growth for a professional team and a successful business.
We look forward to having you with us on this life and world transforming journey! 
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